Looking for easy guitar chords to impress your little sister? Then you’re on the right page. Relax yourself and take your beloved instrument, you’re about to start.

Please note that you will not learn any barre chords in this section, which will be covered soon enough on another page.

1. E chords

These chords are probably among the easiest to do with a guitar. Why? Because in standard tuning, you already have 2 E notes you can play without placing any finger on the fretboard. Let’s see how to do an E minor first:

And the E Major (also called E):

2. A Chords

These chords are a bit trickier. You’ll see a red circle for the first string. It means that it should not be played. But if you want to let it ring, you can, as the note ‘E’ is part of A Minor and Major chords. However, it sounds really nicer without the first string played. It’s just a matter of choice. Here’s how we do an A Minor:

And now the A chord. There’s a debate about the fingers order. Using your second, third, and fourth finger works. You can also place the index between the major and the ring finger. There’s absolutely no rule.

3. D chords

For these chords, two strings should not be hit. But again, as the A note is part of the D chords, it’s really up to you if you want to make the 5th string ring or not. Here’s how we do a D minor:

Same process for the D chord, the first two strings are not played.

4. C chord.

C Minor is a bit more difficult to do as an open chord so we will just concentrate on C Major. However, we will see two ways of doing this chord, which are both quite simple.

(Note : if you have a capo, you can do a C Minor by putting your capo on the third case, and do an A minor shape).

Here’s the first way to make a C:

And now here’s the second way, a bit harder than the previous one.

5. G Chord

As for C, G Minor is not easy to do as an open chord. What you can do though, if you have a capo, is to place it on the third case and make a E Minor shape. Now, how to do a G Major? I will give you two ways. Here’s the first one:

And here’s the alternative:

7. F Chords

F Major and Minor are usually done with barre chords (or with a capo). So what we will see right now is not a basic chord, even if it’s used quite often. It’s actually F Maj7 and done like this:

And now the alternate position for F Maj7 – to be a little more accurate, this one is actually called F Maj7/C.

Please note that you can also make a mini barre on the first two strings, at the first case, so you can do a F Major. It could be a little more challenging for you but it’s worth the try.

8. More easy guitar chords?

There are plenty of them. I gave you here probably the most used open chords. Do you want a third page covering more simple guitar chords? Simply leave a comment below this article.

This page is an amazing way to find out how a chord sounds without even trying it.