Guitar Apps and Music Production are closely related

On this page, you will find some free guitar apps and music production advice. You will have access notably to:
  • Guitar tuners
  • Metronomes
  • VSTs
  • Music tab software
  • And of course, education materials to help you produce your own music.

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1. Tuning your guitar!

Tuning your guitar is really important before you start playing as it will sound much better once your instrument is tuned. 

Some people are able to do it by ear. But if you’re not able to do it, you can access a free guitar tuner here and other free applications:

2. Staying in rhythm…

Mechanical Metronome

A mechanical metronome

A metronome is also one of the most important guitar tools. If you want to record some tunes, or just wish to improve your sense of rhythm, then it’ll help you.

A metronome is actually a regular beat (or tick) you can adjust at the tempo you wish. Here’s an online metronome for you, and a list of metronome software you can download for free.

3. Music Production: VST – Virtual Studio Technology

This software interface is really useful when it comes to produce you own music. To make it work, you need an Audio editor like Audacity, or a VST host which can be both downloaded for free.

With a VST, you can add a lot of different effects to your instrument or your voice, and moreover, you can come with a sound never heard before. Also, interesting features like mastering tools, filters or spatializer can be downloaded.

4. Music Production: Pre-production phase

What we call pre-production phase is the plan. It’s what you’re going to do before recording.

The song must be written and you can produce a demo to see roughly how the song sounds like. You choose the best tempo (or one that suits the music) and you see what you can add to the song.

  • How to write song lyrics: songwriting can be complex. It can be done by anyone but it’s not always easy to come up with great, powerful, and meaningful lyrics. In this article, you will learn more about the arts of making lyrics for a song. Enjoy 😉

5. Music Production: Get a mic!

Cat With A Microphone

As you may know, there are several types of microphones you can have. Dynamic and condenser ones are very popular. We generally use the latter to record voices and instruments.

Price varies a lot: you will find condenser mics below 100$ and other ones at 2,000$. Dynamic ones are usually cheaper. But again, it’s better to use a condenser microphone to record your own songs.

Here’s a video that explains the difference between a condenser and a dynamic microphone:

6. Music apps

To produce your own songs, you have access to a large panel of applications on the market. Which one to use then? You probably have predetermined needs and a budget. Free software are often less complex than those you can buy.

If you don’t know which one is the best to acquire, ask yourself a question: what is my goal? You have to determine your true desire in music production before spending too much money on it.

Many software developers propose trial versions to be downloaded. In case you are unsure, it’s always better to test the product and to see if it matches your needs. Even if trial versions are often crippleware, it shows you briefly what you can do.

  • Music Tab Software: it will help you compose songs, and find great melodies. It will also allow you to download already existing tabs of famous songs. A music tab application is a great tool to have whether you’re in a band or playing solo.
  • Guitar Pro 7: a thorough review of one of the most popular guitar tab applications you can have on your computer. 
Guitar Pro 7

Guitar Pro 7

  • Ear training can lead you to identify intervals, pitches, melody, chords… It really can help you if you want to perform a song by ear, or if you just want to identify a chord played by one of your band musicians.
  • Observation is also essential when you learn an instrument. Knowing your fretboard (for a guitarist), the exact notes you play, is really useful when it comes to improvisation, or follow the notes the other instrumentalists of your band play.

7. Going further…

When you have learned everything presented in this section, you can always improve your knowledge and techniques. Experience, read, view some tutorials on YouTube or other websites. The best way to become better at what you are doing is to test what you’ve learned.

Don’t hesitate to contact music producers too. It does not have to be a renowned one. It could be a local producer. Sometimes their experience might help you a lot if you are having trouble making your songs sound good.

Always come back here in case you have not quite understood a lesson. I would be glad to answer any questions you might have.

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