Guitar Course

We’re all busy. Paying for guitar courses is not something we can all afford. Here you don’t have to worry about that. Why? Because it’s free.

And you can start as a true beginner!

Ready to go? Great! First of all, read the content below, it’ll provide you more information about what you can learn on this website.

1. Before we start…

Do you have a guitar? Or are you planning on buying one? Both situations are fine. However, if you want to know which instrument to buy, you need some guidance. After all, feeling lost at the start is perfectly normal. Who isn’t?

Also, if you’re playing the electric guitar, you will need an amplifier, or at least, some good virtual effects to give the guitar the sound it deserves. It’s not necessary to buy every equipment you can acquire. But getting to know what fits your style, or improve your sound is always a win/win.

2. Get ready!

Are you a beginner? You might want to take some lessons now. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Click on the link below and it will guide you to a little presentation page. Everything you need to know is explained there. 

You can also get access to some music theory in order to make your music knowledge grow along your guitar skills. This is especially  important if you want to become a guitar teacher, or someone specialized in this area. It is not essential, of course. Some great musicians don’t know how to read a music sheet. But if you want to learn more, please go on the following link:

3. Aside guitar courses…

This is a community. A comment section below every lessons is here to help you interact with me or other members of this website.

Note that you can also contact me anytime, by sending me an email at

This website also offers:

  • Guitar Apps and Music Production: a session designed to let you know about the best guitar and music apps in the market, and the different music production techniques.
  • Guitar Tabs: more than 100 songs you can learn (at the moment).
  • Guitar Songs: lessons on some great guitar songs (with a video).

Because I love to make you feel comfortable, some guitar lessons are uploaded on both video and text version. And you always have the comment section, where you can notify me if something else should be tackled for each methods, or for any request.

Have fun on my website.

Your guitar teacher, Ben.