Guitar Gear – All You Need To Know

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Marshall Guitar Amplifier
Marshall Guitar Amplifier

The guitar gear section gives you information about what you can buy besides your favorite instrument. Guitar amplifiers, effects pedals, guitar picks, everything’s covered here.

Of course, it’s up to you to know what you really need. When you perform on stage, an amplifier is really important, unless you have an acoustic guitar. A pick is almost necessary, though classical music is often played without. For more information about what you can have besides your lovely instrument, read what’s next.

1. Guitar amplifier

By definition, an amplifier amplifies your sound. So if you have an electrical guitar or another pluggable instrument, you may desire having your guitar sound louder or just want to add some great effects.

You’ll then have two choices: buy a combo amp, or a head plus a cabinet. This combination is often more expensive, takes more space, but the sound quality is often greater and it’s much more powerful.

You’ll also have to pay attention to the speaker(s) size, incorporated features, and effects you would like to have. Note that guitar effects can still be produced otherwise with a pedal or a VST.

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2. Effects…!

There are different ways to incorporate effects to your guitar riffs. Some of them are more studio oriented, others could be better used on stage, or when rehearsing.

If you want to record a song and add some great effects for your guitar, or simply play on stage you can either:

  • Download guitar VSTs on your computer (mostly for recording a song)
  • Use your guitar pedals (or stompboxes)
  • Use rackmounts (which are often expensive but demonstrate great sound quality)
  • Use a multi-effect device
  • Use your guitar amplifier and integrated effects (mostly on stage and rehearsal).
Guitar Pedal Creamcan
Effects Pedal : Ben Rod Cream Can

3. The guitar gear you need!

You’ll always need strings for your guitar even if you intend to play with only one, like this guy. Guitar picks are also quite useful, though every guitar could be played without. A capo is something you ought to have too, as it’s really easier to play some songs with it. Guitar tuners, if you don’t have one integrated to your instrument or to your guitar pedals, could be a great tool.

Tubes, guitar cases, guitar hangers are some equipment you can also buy. As you can see, there are plenty of accessories available. All you have to do now is to decide which one you need the most.

Guitar Amplifier Vacuum tubes
Guitar Amplifier : 12AX7 Vacuum Tubes


  1. My son just made playing the guitar a hobby he would love this website especially because it gives such good information on making the sound effects for recording.

  2. Thanks for this informative post. My nephew has been wanting to get into the guitar because his mom is a band teacher, it is his way of rebelling. I’ll have to share this post with her. She isn’t as familiar with stringed instruments. Is there a place you recommend that sells strings and pics?

  3. Hey thanks Interesting article. Been toying with the idea of playing the guitar again for a while now. I actually have a guitar already, an Epiphone 339. I really just need an amp and I can start playing again. Its been a few years. I’m looking for a small practice amp, suitable for my bedroom.

  4. Hi Ben,
    Thank’s for the great info, my oldest son plays, and this is the love of his life so when it comes to buying him thing’s well you can imagine what he wants these suggestions help me in picking him up something. It is hard to know what to get him for Christmas and Birthday’s, Maybe you could add a few links to new things that come out on the market for some one who is buying for a loved one. Great Site, can’t wait to check back and see what kind of Ideas you have for those of us with out a clue.

    1. Hi VickiG, I’m glad you liked the article. Yes, that’s a fantastic idea, and I’m sure it can help out a lot of people out there. Thanks for your suggestion.

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