Guitar Music Theory

Some music theory for guitar will help you understand better your instrument and all the techniques you will learn along the way.

No matter what is your current level, it’s always interesting to add some theory to your practice. And contrary to the music theory section, here, we only talk about guitar.

1. “How’s my guitar working?”

You probably asked yourself that question before. The following articles will offer you the answer you need:

  • Guitar diagram – to know what are the different parts of your guitar.
  • Guitar frets – to understand why they’re here, and some issues you can have with them.

2. “What am I playing ?”

What are you playing on your fretboard? Is it a G or a C? Getting to know the notes and chords you’re doing is almost essential when you learn an instrument. In this section you’ll learn more about your fret board and the different techniques you can play. This way, you will understand music sheets and tablatures better, and know every time what you are doing.

Here’s a few  articles you might want to read:

3. “Where does my guitar come from?”

You might not know it, but the guitar has a lot of ancestors. We’re looking at them in this section. We also talk about the major changes in guitar history. We talk about the changers. And finally, we’re reviewing the main music styles the guitar have seen, and the people who popularized those styles.

There’s a lot to say. This is totally optional and you can skip this part if you’re not interested. But if you are, you’ll certainly be amazed by its content.

4. Guitar Making

Here you will find guitar making lessons if your goal is to become a stringed instrument maker, or if you just desire to make your own custom guitar.

One of the best tools to create your own instrument will be your patience as it could be a long process, especially if you’re totally new to this.

So… Which tools and guitar materials could you use to create a guitar? How to repair it? What’s a luthier and how to become one of them? You’ll get all the answers in this section.

  • How to make a guitar? Two ways: making it yourself, or assembling different parts you can buy on the market. As you can expect, the latter is simpler and usually less costly than the other option.  Yes, creating everything yourself is difficult, but if you really want your guitar as customized as possible then you can try it. It requires a huge amount of tools, materials, and money.
  • Guitar tonewood: A guitar is principally made of wood. Which wood? Mahogany, maple, red wood, etc… It’s not rare to see separate wood used for different parts of the guitar, to produce a specific timbre, to increase or decrease loudness or sound resonance.

5. Getting further

Have you learned everything presented on this page? Congratulations. It’s a lot. Now, what to do? You can apply the theory you learned to improve your guitar skills.

Beginner and need some practice? Start beginner guitar lessons right now.

If you want more music theory on this website, you can leave a comment below this article. I’ll try my best to answer your needs.  Otherwise, this is the perfect website for you.