Guitar Tabs

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Guitar tabs can help you read a song more easily.

Some of the tabs you’ll find in this section are linked to lessons. They are completely free to use and you can modify them if you want. Would you like to see more tabs here? You can make a request by leaving a comment below this article. Thank you.

Guitar Tabs

# Acoustic guitar tabs

# Beginner guitar tabs


  1. I’m so glad I discovered your site! I love playing guitar and a good place to find tabs and other guitar related products is hard.

    Love your site and keep up the great work!

    Oh. Are you planning on adding Tabs for Drop D tuning and maybe DADGAD tuning?

    1. Hey Steven, yes, it’s a great idea! I will upload a list of songs to play with Drop D tuning in the future. Thanks for passing by!

  2. Oh wow this is great that you have the sheet music for all these wonderful songs. And my favorite group, the Eagles was the first song. I am curious, I am them music sheets. Is this what you are calling tabs?

    1. Hey Matts Mom ! Thanks for your comment. Music sheet and tabs are related, as they’re both designed to read music. Tabs target guitarists – and ukulele players – as they allow us to read music more easily. Basically, the six strings are represented by lines. And to know where to play on the guitar, we have to follow the numbers written on the tab, they tell us on which fret you have to press the fingers.

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