Guitar Learning - is guitar easy?

To define if something is simple or not is actually quite hard. As a matter of fact, it depends on many different factors.

In order to give an answer to that question, we will analyze:

  • Your background in music
  • How passionate you are about guitar
  • The time you’ll devote yourself to that activity
  • The different learning methods out there
  • And how your age and health impacts your learning

Let’s dive in with the first aspect.

1. Your Musical Background

Depending on what your musical background is, learning guitar can be more or less easy. For example, if you already know an instrument, you will start with a definitive advantage over someone who never touched a music equipment before.

African Young Guitarist

Children are able to learn faster than most adults due to their brain, still in development. Moreover, playing an instrument will develop their creativity.

Knowing how to play an instrument is not a prerequisite, of course. And it shouldn’t stop you from learning the guitar. In fact, it’s been proven that playing an instrument develops your creativity. So you should give the guitar a try anyway.

Another thing that helps while learning guitar is knowing about music theory. Even though guitarists use tabs and chord sheets more than music scores, if you know some theory, you will understand better what you’re doing or learning on the guitar.

You haven’t got any clue about music theory? Don’t worry, there are other options: tabs and chords, which are simplified versions of music scores. You’ll find a dedicated section on this web site.

2. Your Passion

Are you passionate about music or guitar? Does the guitar sound make you have goosebumps and shivers? Then you’re on the right track.

Guitar will be easier if you’re passionate about it. It’s like anything else. Have you ever noticed that some tasks are difficult while others can be accomplished effortlessly? Most of the time, it’s because of your own preferences and tastes.

If you’re passionate about guitar or music, you will spend hours and hours on the instrument without noticing.

However, I don’t advise you to learn the instrument if you don’t have that kind of feeling. It will require you too much effort to pick it up, and the time you’ll spend on it will not be as fun as for someone eager to learn it.

3. The Devoted Time

This guitarist is doing an A Minor. It’s one of the easiest chords to learn. Consider learning the easiest over the hardest when you’re just getting started.

Related to the previous point, time is a determining factor when it comes to learning a new instrument. 

Most people find it hard to play guitar in the beginning, but after a year or two, it becomes simpler. 

That’s because of the learning curve. The same applies while learning a new language. When you don’t have the basics, it’s hard for you to read, talk or understand people speaking in a foreign tongue.

But as you advance, you can immerse yourself better, and picking up rudiments of the language becomes more fun and easier.

For your learning to become more accessible, you need to know all the basics and work on them. Everyday if you can. Then, you will enjoy playing effortlessly. 

4. The Learning Methods

There are a lot of ways to learn guitar, thanks to new technologies, such as computers and smartphones. We are not going to analyze them in detail, as it’s already been done right here

However, to give you an overview of the multiple possibilities you have, I will list them below:

  • Private guitar lessons: the old way of learning guitar is still one of the best. Having a teacher telling you what to do will definitely make you learn faster. An offline tutor is preferred, but if you cannot afford one, some teachers offer lessons on Skype.
  • Free guitar lessons websites / videos: you will find many free guitar tuition online. In fact, I also give guitar lessons for beginners. And don’t forget YouTube, which contains hours and hours of guitar lessons.
  • Learn by yourself: this method is hard, but with patience and dedication, you can succeed. The best way to learn by yourself is to be your own critic. If something sounds wrong, make some changes.
  • Subscribe to guitar courses and classes: some websites offer a lot of educational materials for a modest monthly fee. Consider JamPlay or Guitar Tricks.
  • Learn songs via tabs, chords, and music scores: whether you choose to get them online or in a music shop, you will acquire a lot of knowledge by learning new songs. I recommend you to start with easy songs (with open chords). 
  • Buy guitar lesson books, CDs or DVDs: this method used to be very popular. It still works. And what’s more, it’s an excellent way to remain focused in your learning journey.
Music Sheet

However beautiful this music score can be, if you don’t know about music theory, it can be pretty complex and scary. But as a guitarist, you can have access to chords and tabs, which make it easier for you to learn a song.

Basically, which method will make it easier to play guitar? 

First, I would not recommend you to learn by yourself without any support (online or offline). It requires a lot of discipline and patience, but if you feel you can do it, just do it (I hope I’m not infringing any trademark here). 

Otherwise, getting private guitar lessons is the method that I preach. It’s been done for centuries, and will always top other approaches. That way, you will notice how much easier the guitar will be in a shorter amount of time. 

But if you don’t have the money or time to do that, consider a free or inexpensive program instead.  

There are less conventional and used methods I’ve discussed in another article. Click here to discover them.

5. Your Age and Health

Don’t get me wrong here, I will never say to someone: “You’re too old to play guitar”. I admire people who are still working or learning at an old age. I totally encourage that

But as you grow older, your brain, joints, and muscles can decay. As a result, it can impact the learning process.

For example, if you feel pain in your finger joints, it will be hard for you to make a chord, or move your fingers along the fretboard. 

Therefore, it can require more time to learn new techniques on a guitar.

Old Guitar Player

Your ear can also deceive you if your audition is impaired. That means that you won’t be able to hear properly what you’re playing, which can impacts the way that you play. 

Now, don’t let those words frighten you. Learning an instrument is a wonderful journey. And if you like music, you should be practicing.

Just be aware of your condition though (if you have one), and don’t let that frustrate you if you feel you’re not making any progress.

6. Conclusion. 

So… Is guitar easy?

If you’ve read the whole article, then you know that it’s difficult to answer that question, as it depends on many factors. 

But the most determining one is passion. If you have it, then guitar will definitely become easier.

Here’s a video that will help you learn the guitar:

Do you have any question related to this article? Write them down in the comments below. I will do my best to answer them shortly.

Thank you for reading and good luck!