Offline And Online Metronomes

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Having an offline or online metronome is really useful. You can use the application displayed on the page or simply download one on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

1. Online metronome.

 Note: you need to enable Flash Player to see the plugin.

Really simple to use, you just have to click on the tempo you’d like to make it start or hit space bar. If you want to pause it, click on “stop” or space button again. You can afterwards re-click on the middle button to start it back to the same tempo as before.

To change tempo, click on the one you wish or hit right / left buttons, 40 being the lowest tempo and 208 the highest.

This is a training application. If you want one which allows you to record songs, read the next part.

2. Offline metronome.

If you have an Audio Recording software, you’ll most likely have a metronome integrated to it. If not, you can choose among the following applications:

  • Audacity (free)
  • Cubase
  • Sony SoundForge
  • And many others…

3. Download it online!

There are a lot of free downloadable applications to be found on the web. For example:

Metronome EXP
Metronome EXP

4. Carry it everywhere!

Do you have an Android or iOS device? Great. You can carry your device along with you by downloading the following applications:

  • Mobile Metronome (Android)
  • Metronome+ (iOS)
  • … (many others actually!)

If you’d like to rehearse in rhythm with other musicians without a drummer, I totally recommend you to plug your phone into a mixing table. That way, you’d be able to hear it perfectly.

5. Buy it!

Mechanical Metronome
Mechanical Metronome
This little collector’s item was built in 1815. It was the first metronome.

In this dematerialization era, people tend to prefer virtual things. If you don’t have any mobile device, or if you’re simply want one truly and perfectly reliable clicking machine to make your songs perfect, then you can buy one.

You will have two choices: choose a mechanical or a digital metronome. It is really up to you, but as far as my experience goes, digital ones are more inclined to last longer as a mechanical device can produce uneven clicks after a great period of use.

As for digital gears, prices can differ. On the market, you’ll be able to find cheap ones like the Korg Ma-1 (around 10 euros) and expensive ones like the Boss DB-90 (around 140 euros). The latter is pricey as it offers many features integrated like pattern creation, note mixing function and even a tuner.

The question is: what do you intend to do with a metronome? If it’s just a rehearsing tool for you, the first one presented or another within its price range can be great. But if your goal is to produce complex patterns and use it professionally, then consider to buy a costly digital device.

6. Other tools

If you don’t know this already, you can use a guitar tuner to tune the strings of your instrument rightly. You have the choice to use one on this site, and there are tons of them available online. Do you want to carry it with you? It’s possible by downloading an application on your mobile or tablet, or buy a hardware version of it.


  1. Cool! I never used an actual metronome. I have one on my device and it’s serving the purpose very well. And it’s more convenient for me to carry around.
    Keep up the hard work!

  2. So many memories of metronomes from my childhood…. I love the wooden ones still! But it looks like the online ones could be really useful, and portable. Thanks for the review !

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