Protect Me From What I Want By Placebo

Protect Me From What I Want by Placebo (Beginner)

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Today we’re going to learn a song by Placebo: Protect Me From What I Want.
There are two versions of this song, a French and an English one. The only difference is the language. The notes are the same. We are going to see the English version.

1. How Is This Song Composed?

There’s an introduction, two verses, three choruses, and one bridge. There are 5 chords overall. And the chords pattern is always the same.

The capo goes on the 7th fret.

For the introduction and the verses, basically, we’re replacing the piano.

2. Intro and Verses

For the first four chords on “Protect Me”, keep your index on the second string, on the first fret. Only change the bass each time you switch from a chord to another.

The chords are:

Am – F7M – Dm – C – Em

For E Minor, the bass is B. Not E. And you release your index from the 2nd string. And you go back to A Minor for another tour.

The introduction lasts 4 bars, and both verses 8 bars, each.

Let’s move on to the chorus.

3. Chorus

Same chords. But now, you place all your fingers on the strings, as you’re going to strum the chords.

A minor, F7M, D Minor, C, E Minor.

The 1st chorus lasts 4 bars, the second 8, and the third, 8 as well.

4. Bridge

The bridge is played between the two last choruses. If you’re beginner, it’s gonna be a little more challenging to learn that.

So you start with an A Minor. You don’t have to put the index on the second string. We’re only going to use these 3 strings. Play the first 3 notes. Then make a slide immediately from the second fret to the 5th. Take your finger off the finger board, play the 5th string, then the third. There you go, this is the first part for the first 3 bars of the bridge.

The second part, it’s 5 notes as well.

You start with an A. Then D and you make a slide immediately from the second fret to the fifth, but this time, on the fourth string. You play A again, and you go back to E, second fret of the fourth string.

The fourth bar is a little bit different. You play the second part of the first three bars. You’ve just done that. So you do it again.

And then you play A, and D, repeatedly, four times.

5. And…

Once you’ve played the bridge, you go back to the chorus, and end the song.

And that’s all. I hope you’ll enjoy playing Protect Me From What I Want by Placebo. You can now decide to learn another song from Placebo:

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