Hey there,

You and Me… Today… Learning this song. It’s gonna be awesome.

You and Me by Milow is a really simple tune we’re going to learn. You can either watch the video, or read the text lesson. Enjoy!

1. Only five chords to remember…

F – Am – G – C and for the bridge, E Minor.

If you want to play the studio version you can place your capo on the 6th fret. But when Milow plays live, it’s the 5th fret.

Personally I prefer the live version, so I keep the capo on the 5th fret. Apart from the bridge, the chord pattern is always:

F – Am – G – C

That’s all. And the rhythm goes like this:

Down – Up – Up – Up – Down – Up

Really easy to remember.

There’s an intro, 3 verses, 3 choruses, and one bridge just after the second chorus. As I said before, apart from the bridge it’s always the same pattern.

2. So let’s talk about the bridge…

It’s situated after the second chorus. The chord pattern goes this way:

Em – Am – F – G.

And after that, you switch to the 3rd verse.

3. The guitar lick

Now, there’s a small guitar lick you can make. You have two solutions, keeping the rhythm with your guitar, or play it without the rhythm.

The notes are, in the right order:

F – F – E – C – D – B – C – B – C – B – A – G

12 notes. With the rhythm, you don’t have to play the last notes, I personally think it kind of screws the rhythm up. But that’s up to you.

4. Lyrics

I wish you smelled a little funny
Not just funny really bad
We could roam the streets forever
Just like cats but we’d never stray
I sometimes wish you were a mermaid
I could raise you in the tub at home
We could take a swim together
On weekly day trips to the bayO-Oh, you and me
It would be only you and me
O-Oh, you and me
It would be only you and me (you and me)

I wish you were a little bigger
Not just big but really fat
Doors you would no longer fit through
In my bed you would have to stay
I often wish that you had feathers
I’d keep you in a giant cage
All day long I’d sit and watch you
I’d sing for you and that would be okay

O-Oh, you and me
It would be only you and me
O-Oh, you and me
It would be only you and me (you and me)People say there are plenty of fish
In the sea, baby, all I do is wish

I wish, I wish I…

I wish you were a little slower
Not just slow but paralyzed
Then I could plug you into a socket
So you could never run away
I really wish that you were smaller
Not just small but really really short
So I could put you in my pocket
And carry you around all day

O-Oh, you and me
It would be only you and me
O-Oh, you and me
It would be only you and me (you and me)
You and me…

5. Where to go next…

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Or go back to the list of songs to play on the guitar for more. Thank you for reading. See you next time, guitar player.