You Don’t Know By Milow (Beginner/Intermediate)

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“You don’t know” by Milow. Really great ballad. If you don’t know this song, well, you’ll know.

1. Let’s get started.

We will learn the acoustic live version.

The capo is on the 4th fret. Standard tuning. Everything is played with open chords. You need to know them before going any further.

The chords are: A Minor, F, G, C, E, and E7.

The chord pattern is changing from time to time during the song.

2. The rhythm

It stays the same for the whole song. Here we only use our fingers, and most of the time the thumb. That’s the way that Milow does the song when he’s playing live. Basically, it’s:

Down – Hit – Up – Up – Hit – Up

Really simple. You do that for the whole song.

The clinky noise you can hear is the string hitting the fret. To reproduce that sound you hit the 6th string with the palm of your hand. Like that.

Also, there’s a hammer-on you can make with your major on F and C for the intro, the verses, and for the bridge. It’s at the very beginning of the chords every time. You do that for F and C only. For F, the hammer-on is on the second fret of the third string. For C it’s just above it.

3. Let’s move on to the intro…

The chords are, successively:

Am – F – G – C – F – G – C – E

You will see later that for the rest of the song, the first 4 or 5 chords are always the same. But the end of the pattern changes from time to time.

4. The verses

Let’s begin with the 1st verse. You start with the same chords: Am, F, G. But after that, you go back to Am.

And you play the same succession of chords as the intro: F, G, C, E.

You play this pattern twice for the first verse. For the second and third verse, just once, the first time actually.

The second part of the second verse, instead of C and E at the very end of it, it’s E7 and E. The second time for the third verse, you basically replace C and E, by E7 only, right when he sings “baby, baby, baby” (no it’s not a Justin Bieber’s song).

5. Speaking of chorus…

The first one is very short and the chord pattern quite similar to the rest of the song. But the end is different again. At the end, after F, you just play E.

There’s no hammer-on this time. A lot easier.

The second chorus is entirely similar to the second verse, but without hammer-on. As a reminder:

Am, F, G, Am, F, G, C, E

Am, F, G, Am, F, G, E7, E.

After that, it’s the bridge. This one is really easy to play. Only three chords to remember. In the right order, it’s:

F – G – C (x2)

And that’s all.

The third chorus is longer than the other ones, and again the differences appear at the end of the chords pattern every time.

So it’s:

Am, F, G, Am, F, G, C, E

Am, F, G, Am, G, F, F

Am, F, G, Am, F, G, C, E

Am, F, G, Am, F, G, E7, E

6. To conclude:

If you don’t like to play it with your fingers you can try with a pick. This will sound a bit like the studio version.

It’s up to you to decide whatever sounds best. I like both actually.

Here’s a tab of this song if you feel lost. Now you know “You don’t know”. You can also learn other Milow songs if you like:

Thank you for reading. See you next time, guitar player.


  1. Over the years I’ve taken a few tries at learning guitar, and learned pretty quick that I cant hold a tune. But I had never came across a site like this, that gets you step by step on how to strum. Pretty neat. I have a younger cousin who I’ll have to show this too!

    1. Thanks a lot! I think it’s important to show step by step as I would do if I was giving a real guitar lesson. In that way people don’t miss anything. 🙂

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